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When Should You Call for Water Restoration Services?

Approximately 40 percent of homeowners across the country have experienced a loss from water damage. In fact, this is the second most common filed insurance claim in the U.S.

When water damage occurs, time is of the essence. Calling a professional water restoration company is the best way to protect the integrity of your home if damage has occurred.

The key to preventing serious damage and mitigating related repair and restoration costs is to know signs of water damage.

Here you can learn more about the services provided by water restoration companies, as well as when you should call for their services.

What Do Water Restoration Companies Do?

These companies aid in restoration after water damage has occurred.

You may wonder why you can’t take a DIY approach to restoration. After all, this would be a more affordable option, right?

Professionals have the know-how and equipment to handle the process and ensure no issues are left behind. Also, thanks to their training, they can easily find larger issues before they complicate the situation further.

Sometimes, water damage requires the use of complicated processes, including structural drying and even the removal of mold and sewage.

If you try to do these things on your own, it could put your wellbeing, health and home at risk. Also, technicians at restoration companies understand how to handle the situation.


Signs You Need Water Damage Restoration Services

There are some situations when it will be obvious water restoration is needed. For example, if your home is flooded, or if a pipe has burst.

Other disaster situations can be somewhat sneakier. These issues may sneak up on you if you don’t know what to look for. In that time, quite a bit of damage may occur.

Some of the signs associated with water damage include:

Wall Damage

An indication of a problem is swollen walls. This is a bad omen of water damage. Before walls start to bloat with water, the pain may begin to peel, crack or bubble.

If this happens, it typically means the wall has been filling up with water slowly and trying to drain. The shrinking and expansion of the wall cause the connection with the pain to weaken, resulting in the peeling, cracking and bubbling.

Floor Damage

Another sign of water damage can be seen on the floor. If water builds up in or under the floor, you may believe it is just getting old.

You may notice your laminate or wood floor buckling, the grouted tiles becoming loose and the linoleum starting to peel.

Be sure to check for moisture in the subflooring. After all, you don’t want to wait until the water comes from under the floor to contact a water restoration professional.

Signs of Mold

It is a good idea to inspect the dark and damp areas of your home every few months for signs of musty odors or mold. Be sure to look in locations, such as closets, especially if they share a wall with your kitchen or bathroom.

Additionally, under your cabinets are at higher risk for damage from water because they may be exposed to plumbing.

You should contact a professional for water restoration at the first sign of a stale or mold-like odor. Mold can quickly spread. In fact, in just 24 hours you can have a serious mold issue.

Call Professionals for Preventative Measures

The majority of water-related issues in your home can be prevented. However, this requires you to take preventative steps.

If you notice a pipe has started collected condensation or that it is beginning to corrode, then you should contact a restoration specialist. The area may have started to incur damage. A professional will know what to look for.

If your home has a crawlspace that may collect water, or that has exposed pipes, you should contact a water damage restoration professional about insulating and waterproofing the space.

By letting the water sit under your home, rot may form. The pipes may also burst due to the freeze-thaw cycle in winter.

It can’t hurt to have the most vulnerable areas of your home inspected before they become serious issues.

Paying for water damage restoration can cost you thousands of dollars. Preventative care is a much more affordable and practical investment.

Handling Disasters that have Already Occurred

If you are currently dealing with a disaster, you can’t afford to wait and call for service. The longer you allow the water to stay in your home, the more damage it can cause.

You don’t want to allow mold to cultivate in your structure. This will cause serious and expensive issues. Every second you wait to call for help after a disaster the damage to your home will increase.

If the disaster situation involves mold, sewage or water in an area that is exposed to electricity, then make sure to leave the structure right away. This can cause serious injuries, and potentially death.

Early detection is the best course of action. For situations that are less dangerous, it is often possible to remove the excess water from surfaces and from under your cabinets.

If you don’t know what to do, then calling the professionals for water restoration services is best. They can ensure the proper steps are taken to prevent the damage from spreading further.

Finding the Right Water Restoration Company

Remember, quality water restoration services aren’t going to be cheap. However, it is an investment you can’t put off.

If you find a company offering cut-rate prices, proceed with caution. They may be cutting corners or leaving issues behind.

If you want to prevent water damage or are in a situation where the damage has already occurred, contact us. By visiting our water damage website, you can learn more about our services and the benefits they offer.

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