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Sewage Damage Cleanup

Experiencing a sewage backup or overflow is more than damaging to your home or business, it can be dangerous to your health. Whether it's a sewer backup from a breakdown in neighborhood sewer system or water runoff from a storm, we respond with the right tools, the expert training and sewage damage cleanup techniques to remove the hazards and water from your home and repair the damages.

Sewage Damage Experts

What causes backups?

Blockages are often caused by:

  • Soil settlement
  • Misaligned joints
  • Root infiltration
  • Pipe collapses
  • Grease buildup
  • Other items that have been flushed down a drain

Our experts follow proven steps to repair sewer backups and flood damage, which are:

  1. Removal of sewage and water
  2. Removal of contaminated furnishings, carpet and flooring, and when necessary, other surfaces that have been exposed to potential contamination
  3. Use of professional grade air movers to ventilate and dry the area
  4. Cleaning and sanitizing of the area to prevent the spread of microbes that may cause disease or sickness, and when necessary, treatment of the area to help prevent future mold and mildew growth

It's a tough job, but we live for this stuff. We offer:

  • Specialized removal procedures to help eliminate parasites, bacteria and viruses
  • Industry-leading equipment
  • On-going guidance and support
  • 60+ years of industry leadership

Remember, it could look perfectly fine, but germs are unseen. Make sure the job is done right with the experts at ServiceMaster Restore®.


Damages to your business from water, fire, smoke or mold can mean lost revenue and potentially, lost customers. When disaster strikes, we speed to your side to start the commercial restoration process to minimize business interruptions and maximize results. As a leader in disaster restoration, we bring more than 60 years of experience and expertise to every challenge.

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