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Cleanup Services for Household Hoarding in Mississippi

ServiceMaster Restore by OneCall will arrive at your home with all the proper cleaning supplies for hoarding cleanup services.

Many Mississippians suffer from hoarding — a complex mental health disorder that makes it difficult to discard or part with their possessions. When homes are affected by hoarding, it can be dangerous, unhealthy, or both. Dramatic action is sometimes required to address the problem and help the client begin the road to recovery.

A Professional, Caring Approach to Hoarding Situations

ServiceMaster has developed a successful clean up services program that uses a proven process to help resolve hoarding situations, large or small. We understand that cleaning the home can be an emotionally difficult time, and our experts are trained to navigate issues with hoarding and treat our clients with compassion and respect.

Our Hoarding Services

  • Remove clutter and clean up debris
  • Help locate lost jewelry, hidden money and/or other valuable items
  • Coordinate recycling and shredding
  • Help distribute donations
  • Assist in distributing kept items to family members (local and national)
  • Help facilitate paperwork required by local governments or agencies

Our Service Area

ServiceMaster Restore by OneCall serves a large service area in Mississippi including most of central Mississippi as well as the Starkville area. If you need help with a property affected by hoarding, please call us for more information.

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