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Advantages of Air Duct Cleaning

Air ducts are still a significant part your cooling, heating, and ventilation system. They are responsible for funneling the heated or chilled air in your house, and they also draw allergens and dirt back out, keeping the interior atmosphere clean.

The ductwork in your home or business is often hidden behind walls above the ceiling, which means you won’t have easy insight to see if it is getting cluttered. When you let ServiceMaster Restore By OneCall do regular maintenance on your AC or HVAC system, you’ll never be required to keep up with the last time the ducts were cleaned. We will do this for you!

All sorts of things can make your air ducts experience congestion or clutter. Having pets in your home, smoking cigarettes or cigars indoors may impact the indoor air quality. Something else that could certainly result in the air ducts getting cluttered, which most people do not think about, is remodeling or renovating. This creates a lot of dust and frees up allergens that may be trapped beneath the carpet or behind walls.

You should have your air ducts cleaned periodically. Not every year, but it surely would not hurt. In the least, you’ll want to get them checked every few years, more often if you perform some kind of construction project in your home or business. There are many benefits of air duct cleaning. Included below are a few of those advantages.


Improved Air Quality

Better air quality indoors means that you and your loved ones will breathe easier…literally! In case you have people in your house who have allergies, then they will benefit from the cleaner air. Children, the elderly and people with allergies and respiratory diseases need the cleanest possible air decreasing the elevated chances of becoming ill.

Even people who do not have allergies can possibly become sensitive to allergens from the air quality in your home or business if it goes unchecked. The air within your home can be up to 5 times more polluted than the air externally if it does not properly circulate out the pollutants and allergens. So, help your AC unit outside by keeping the ducts clean.


Lower Energy Prices

Cleaning out the ducts may also keep your energy costs lower. Dirty air ducts will draw the bad air into your filters at an alarming rate, making them get dirtier much quicker than they normally would. If the ducts are filthy and compacted with pollutants, it can cause the entire system to get contaminated. This can lead to two things.

  1. You’ll have to spend money replacing filters more frequently.
  2. You’ll incur higher energy bills as your system struggles to properly cool your home.

You can keep your energy costs lower by avoiding these two situations.


Better Air Flow

Your ac system doesn’t necessarily need to blow cold air continuously to keep the room cool. Cooling your office or residence is as much about moving the air around as it leaves the air at a comfortable temperature.

Efficient air flow will also keep indoor air pollution to a minimum, so you’re going to have fresher air. Here is another valuable tip, utilize your ceiling fans to your advantage by letting them twist counterclockwise in order to pull air up through the room and be sure these air ducts are clean so that air will flow better throughout your whole system.

Dirty air ducts will make your house dustier as well. The dust will accumulate from the ducts and then get blown around the chambers of your house because it has nowhere else to go. This dust may get embedded in the carpet and clothing, which can then settle on almost any surfaces.

You’ll find yourself dusting, sweeping and mopping, or at least needing to do so often. You will also have to work extra hard when deep cleaning your home because the excess dust is going to be buried deep inside cracks and crevices in your property. If you are experiencing some of the above scenarios in your house or company, your air ducts may be too dirty. You may attempt to clean them yourself, however, it is extremely hard to clean air ducts without the correct tools and training.

If they need to be addressed, ServiceMaster Restore By OneCall could schedule an appointment and give you a free quote so there won’t be any surprises!