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How does ServiceMaster Restoration by OneCall clean my air ducts?

Depending on the size and type of air ducts involved, our technicians will use a push and pull technique and will:

  • Survey your system inside and out, making note of where all vents and outlets are located and will remove vent covers at the same time
  • Access the main duct network and attach a negative air machine
  • Clean all grills, diffusers, and the area inside the vents
  • Insert a special type of sticky plastic into each vent opening to prevent debris from escaping
  • Deeply clean all built up debris from deep inside your ducts using a combination of agitators, including air operated whips, spin brushes and hand held equipment
  • Brush and clean all parts of your air handler unit
  • As part of our services, we always ensure to remove and dispose all dust and debris offsite that gets collected during your HVAC cleaning.
At ServiceMaster Restoration by OneCall, your absolute satisfaction is important to us. So before our technicians leave, they will always carry out a final check-up throughout your entire property to make sure all areas are clean and vacuumed before leaving.
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How we clean air ducts

What Makes This Indoor Air Dirty?

Stagnant air being re-circulated over and over again, through our venting systems.
Keeping windows, and doors tightly shut and not allowing fresh outdoor air inside.
Having indoor air pollution lining our air ducts, and then having our heaters and air conditioners move this dirty air around our home and offices, for us to breathe in.



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